Springbreak Rarotonga..

The Tropical Paradise of Rarotonga..

Thanks to “SpringBreak RARO” i was stoked to be roaming around one of the many hidden gems located in the Cook Islands, a 3 hour and 45 minute flight and 23 hours behind the homeland NZ. Which become crazily confusing!! “Is it Tuesday?,No its Wednesday in NZ so will be Tuesday here, or is it Thursday?” F###rrrrk! Having never been to the Islands before I was blown away by this incredible island.

Rarotonga was the goods. Coconut trees, crystal clear water and island time. And when i say island time, i mean island time!! Growing up in NZ, you always heard of the term “Island Time” thinking like, “oh yeah the bro’s turn up 5-10 minutes late to rugby training”, but I found out the true meaning of this. 1.5 hour wait for a fish sandwich. You heard right, without a worry in the world, the owner of The Mooring, (A world famous fish shop in Raro) strolls out with these amazing fresh fish sammie’s that he’d caught that morning, puts them on the table and goes ” ayyy relax Island Time” !!!!  Lucky it was the best fish sandwich I’ve ever had in my life.

This little slice of paradise is only a 40 minute scooter ride around the perimeter, with buses only going clock wise and anti clock wise. Life was so simple, yet everyone was so happy!! The locals only bought what they needed, not what they wanted. Life was good. Everyone walks around with a smile on their faces, says G’day and have the friendliest dogs ever come greet you, even swimming out 500m off shore to come hang on the boat your partying on. True story.

Rarotonga is quickly becoming the tropical destination next door to NZ that every kiwi must visit. Add a touch of “Springbreak Raro” and you get the perfect mix of partying and the serenity of the pacific. There are loads of activities to kill the day or perfect white sand to waste the day catching rays, sipping coconuts and topping of the tans. There is even Mud Bugging through abandoned resorts (GoPro’s, and White Nike hat completely covered in Mud), snorkelling through ship wrecks in the most electric blue water I have ever swam in, and exploring the island on a little 50cc scooter with the Mrs in her bikini holding on the back. Can’t complain.

This sneaky 5 day trip has got me craving for more island goodness. I will be back to discover more pure white sand beaches, drink more coconut cocktails, and wait 1.5 hours for more fish sandwiches. Island time is the best time.

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Little Ole NZ

Camping with Kathmandu

How lucky we are to live in what has been rated the best country in the world by so many, including loads of those pop-up articles on Facebook. You know the ones, it’s always New Zealand! And so it should be, this place is EPIC!

After spending time in Australia and Rarotonga over the New Year period having a wicked time exploring parts of the world I’d never been to (Raro was nuts… a total tropical paradise, add it to the list.) I was craving some New Zealand goodness. I’d only been home for three before I took the Middy and snuck away for the night.

In search of raw, green goodness, we packed up the car, chilly bin (not esky for you Aussie’s *eye roll*), enough food for the night, our Kathmandu camping essentials (the best camping equipment out there, just saying), and headed north. We ended up in Tawharanui, a spot my family has been camping at for more than 10 years, it’s so beautiful up there.

After swimming and exploring for most of the day we parked up on the beach and ho’ed into some mince and veggies cooked on the little Gasmate Stove cooker. That thing is next level! We had pitched the Retreat 80 tent, chucked the hoofs out the tent door and watched the sunset turn in to darkness.

Ideally I like to head off the beaten track when I get away. Remote spots in the Coromandel, way up north (of Auckland) or Queenstown are my favourite places to explore but the beauty about little old New Zealand is you can literally drive less than 60 minutes and feel like you’re in another world of pure amazing-ness. A sneaky little trip away for the night not only satisfies those cravings but reminds you how crazy lucky we are to live in the best country in the world. So if you can’t get away to that spot you’ve had your eye on for ages, just take the car, a tent and do a little roadie!

Seriously, New Zealand, you win.









That time we hiked 15,000 ft.


After returning home from the gym (guns pumping arm tense emoji), and coffee with my mentor ( who is absolutely amazing ) #HeyCass, it seems like a distant memory that I ticked off one the sevens wonders of the world even though I only returned to the 09 (Auckland ) at 5am yesterday.

Machu Picchu, where do I begin? Firstly I was lucky enough to be picked by GoPro, the best company ever, to take part in this adventure. Seriously, go get yourself a GoPro, it will change your life. Literally, it made my dream a reality. This dream was to do a trip with my family in remembrance of my old boy who tragically passed away out of the blue nearly 7 years ago. RIP you legend.

We conquered the Lares Trek. A 15,000 ft 3 day trek; no showers, no electricity, no instagram #FarkSake and no people the whole time. What a bloody experience. The Peruvian Andes were something I’ve never experienced. I mean, think of Queenstown and times that by 100 then mix a touch of the Swiss Alps and voila you have the Andes. UNREAL.

From there, we made our way (which was an absolute mission thanks to the train strikes) to MACHU PICCHU. Amongst the 1000’s of people, the pouring rain and the mystical fog, this place blew my mind. Like, how do you build a city with rocks, hundreds of years ago, 2,430m above sea level… Mental.

This trip was probably one of my most challenging in terms of behind the scenes admin, sickness, adventure and being in a developing country where no one speaks english. But the thing about traveling is that it’s not all about the still image or the 2 minute video that you see as the end result. It’s about the hustle, the journey along the way, the unexpected hurdles you have to overcome that make it all worth it.

A saying my homies use in times of need for something some travel reassurance..
“it’s the lows that make the highs high “

Massive thank you to the legends @GoPro for making this a trip we will never forget.

SCENES. Much love my Homies xx



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Photos : Matt Komo


Life through my eyes…

As I sit here in the ole classic 5pm Auckland traffic, I’m dreaming of being somewhere tropical, looking over some epic views or heading on a sick sunset mission. It has also given me a moment to reflect on what’s turned into a pretty hectic day-to-day schedule, running from meetings to meetings in between fixing leaking toilets and installing kitchens. All while answering phone calls, planning exciting trips and yarning to new friends all over the world doing unreal things. @samevanslife and @chrisrogersza you guys are gods… Go follow them. You won’t be disappointed. Seriously do it.

My life has almost accidentally turned into exactly what I pictured it to be. Sure, fixing leaky toilets isn’t exactly living the dream, but the fact that I’m flying down to Queestown for the day tomorrow to scope out an exciting project then flying to Peru to conquer a trek that’s near the top of my bucket list ( Machu Pichu ) a couple of days later with one of the dopest companies out is pretty damn epic. Thanks GoPro ya legends. I literally used to picture this life and now I’m living right smack bang in the middle of it. Like whaaaatt theeee. How did this happen??

While I’ve moved like 3km in 30 minutes heading back to my amazing girlfriend’s.. Hey Dan ya babe. I’m thinking how crazy grateful I am that tripped, fell and my dream life smacked me in the face without even realising it.

The universe works in magical ways and I’m a massive believer that everything happens for a reason. Keep smiling, keep giving out those positive happy fuzzies because what’s around the corner might just suprise you!!!

I’m stupidly excited to be able to vomit words on my own website, like the kind of excited a little kid gets after skulling a bottle of fizzy, then runs around the house uncontrollably yelling, you know?

Stay tuned for some pretty dope adventures coming in the very near future, the type of adventures where I’m gonna invite you guys to come along with me! I know you legends will be all over it.


Much Love my homies xx