Springbreak Rarotonga..

The Tropical Paradise of Rarotonga..

Thanks to “SpringBreak RARO” i was stoked to be roaming around one of the many hidden gems located in the Cook Islands, a 3 hour and 45 minute flight and 23 hours behind the homeland NZ. Which become crazily confusing!! “Is it Tuesday?,No its Wednesday in NZ so will be Tuesday here, or is it Thursday?” F###rrrrk! Having never been to the Islands before I was blown away by this incredible island.

Rarotonga was the goods. Coconut trees, crystal clear water and island time. And when i say island time, i mean island time!! Growing up in NZ, you always heard of the term “Island Time” thinking like, “oh yeah the bro’s turn up 5-10 minutes late to rugby training”, but I found out the true meaning of this. 1.5 hour wait for a fish sandwich. You heard right, without a worry in the world, the owner of The Mooring, (A world famous fish shop in Raro) strolls out with these amazing fresh fish sammie’s that he’d caught that morning, puts them on the table and goes ” ayyy relax Island Time” !!!!  Lucky it was the best fish sandwich I’ve ever had in my life.

This little slice of paradise is only a 40 minute scooter ride around the perimeter, with buses only going clock wise and anti clock wise. Life was so simple, yet everyone was so happy!! The locals only bought what they needed, not what they wanted. Life was good. Everyone walks around with a smile on their faces, says G’day and have the friendliest dogs ever come greet you, even swimming out 500m off shore to come hang on the boat your partying on. True story.

Rarotonga is quickly becoming the tropical destination next door to NZ that every kiwi must visit. Add a touch of “Springbreak Raro” and you get the perfect mix of partying and the serenity of the pacific. There are loads of activities to kill the day or perfect white sand to waste the day catching rays, sipping coconuts and topping of the tans. There is even Mud Bugging through abandoned resorts (GoPro’s, and White Nike hat completely covered in Mud), snorkelling through ship wrecks in the most electric blue water I have ever swam in, and exploring the island on a little 50cc scooter with the Mrs in her bikini holding on the back. Can’t complain.

This sneaky 5 day trip has got me craving for more island goodness. I will be back to discover more pure white sand beaches, drink more coconut cocktails, and wait 1.5 hours for more fish sandwiches. Island time is the best time.

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